A selection of the projects I've worked on.

Security Lab Runner

Comissioned by Anonymous

The Security Lab Runner was commissioned by security experts who needed a way for their students to learn (web) vulnerabilities in a secure and private way. For this purpose I built a service that boots up and shuts down Docker containers on a Kubernetes cluster on demand. Every student would get their own private instance of a given lab, reachable on a random domain and secured with HTTPS.

I built the backend of this service using Java, Spring Boot and MySQL. For the frontend I utilized Vue and Bootstrap for an interactive experience. Docker and Kubernetes were used as infrastructure for the Security Labs and the Lab Runner itself.

Unreal Engine Video Tutorial Series

Now for something quite different: a 25-part video tutorial on creating an Unreal Engine game from scratch inspired by the well known arcade game Missile Command. The video itself was edited by my former colleagues at TROI Studio.

Please enjoy. I hope you find it educational.

Yoga Sapta

I built and designed this website using Wordpress using the PageBuilder plugin. Though it is not that technologically interesting I am rather happy with the result. Using the right combination of plugins and Wordpress skills I was able to provide my client with a lesson reservation system, which would have otherwise cost quite some time to build from scratch.

I always try to think with my clients as to what they need, taking into account their own budgetary and time constraints.

Genius Class

Genius Class is an online video learning platform. For this project I developed a frontend and backend using Play Framework with Scala, Vue, Bootstrap and MySQL.

The scope of this project is very large as it required all kinds of different modules. From a payment system to forum-esque functionality to a merchandising store based on Wordpress, it's all in there. Take a look!

Block Change

Block Change is a book about the blockchain and how it influences our current and future society. A video course was also developed based on the book featured on Genius Class.

I built the accompanying website using Play Framework and Bootstrap.

Crypto Klikker

Cryptoklikker is an online cryptocurrency 'clicking' platform, where users can sign up to receive commercial mailings. In return they receive a reward in the form of a cryptocurrency for clicking on this mailing.

For this project I used Play Framework, Scala, MySQL and Bootstrap.

Flex Or Fail

Flex or Fail is a book on how the job market is evolving towards flexible working contracts.

I built the accompanying website using Play Framework and Bootstrap, based on the template of the website for Block Change. Another interesting feature is the blog for which I created a custom Wordpress template.

TROI Studio

TROI Studio is a digital media company based in Amsterdam. I've worked for them for a long time and have built many websites including their own.

For this project I used React and Bootstrap. With a small backend written in Scala for handling the contact form.

The website you are currently looking at

Obviously the website you're currently looking at deserves a small mention here, even though it's a bit like cheating.

For this website I've used Vue + Nuxt, Bootstrap and a small backend written in Express.